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Klingons cut from Star Trek XI! jatlhwI’pu’ !! April 28, 2009

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J J Abrams is so keen on having his vision of Star Trek – 90210’ish that he’s cut Klingon from the movie.

Yup that’s right. A classic era trek film where there is no spoken Klingon.

It’s total FRAKKIN BS.

“We actually had a sequence that ended up getting cut from the movie that took place on Rura Penthe, in a Klingon prison,” co-writer Alex Kurtzman told SCI FI Wire, explaining the deletion. “And there was definitely Klingon spoken in the movie, and it ended up getting cut.”

So while this new movie might look slick, by cutting out the Klingon this new film is cutting out the Warrior heart of the Star Trek Universe.

If they end up making Star Trek XII let’s sure hope it’s a full on Klingon Federation war!

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11. naHQun - April 30, 2009

#1 Universal? Do you mean Paramount?

#2 I’m sure they would have used the “non-dorky” Klingons.

#3 Actually, all 10 movies to date do in fact have Klingons.

TMP starts with three Klingon ships encountering V’Ger (sp?), introduces the foreheads, and spoken Klingon.

TWOK starts with a simulated battle involving the Klingon neutal zone, and has Khan quote a Klingon proverb.

TSFS has Klingons as the main bad guys, introduces the Bird-of-Prey, and is the film Marc Okrand invented tlhIngan Hol for.

TVH The main ship is a Bird-of-Prey. And the Klingon diplomat guy ranting about Kirk.

TFF A whole lot of Klingon scenes and spoken Klingon.

TUC It’s a Klingon movie. It’s all about the Klingons. We even have Shakspeare in Klingon. Uhura even speaks Klingon. Pink blood!

G Duras sisters. and their crew and ship. Worf.

FC Worf. He gets some good lines in.

I Worf. Klingon puberty.

N Worf.

So it gets a little weak going into the TNG movies, but the TOS movies (which the new movie is) were heavily Klingon. Only TWO of which did NOT have spoken Klingon.

12. randomTrekkie - April 30, 2009

puhLEASE!!! “by cutting out the Klingon, this new film is cutting out the Warrior heart of the Star Trek Universe”??? Give me an f’ing break!! TOS is what we’re talking, and it wasn’t <>!!! Romulans were a very big enemy as well!! I mean, look at how many episodes dealt with the Romulan Neutral Zone, etc!!

13. Hawkster - May 1, 2009

oh puh-leese! This is like saying that cutting the Cthulu-esque monster from the end of Watchmen was the reason people hated the movie.

Do you want the move to have broad appeal, or just be made for hyper-sensitive purists? Get over it!

14. J.L.Lee - May 1, 2009

Sounds like a complaint the UN may be competent enough to handle. After all aren’t Klingons responsible for Darfur and piracy off Somalia?

15. J.L.Lee - May 1, 2009

I’ll bet Gillette is pissed! This move killed their marketing campaign for Klingon deodorant spray.

16. Retinax 5 - May 1, 2009

I saw the movie last night at the INTEL screener. The movie does have Klingon’s ah la ST:TWOK, Three newer Klingon D-7 type battlecruisers in Kirk’s 3rd Kobayashi Maru test where he “cheats.”

Other than that… no Klingons.

17. Tom - May 5, 2009

Remember that this movie Must, in order to preserve the time line, pay homage to the origional style of Klingon, or, not have any at all. Anyone that watched and followed the rather weak to start Enterprise series would know the origion of the lack of the Klingon brow ridges during Kirks era.

That just couldn’t be dismissed for this movie, now could it?

18. Craig - May 7, 2009

So how many of the TOS episodes actually had Klingons? Not more than 10 or so. It seems the movies have been too heavy with Klingons. I have no problems with lack of Klingons for a change.

19. TrekNut - May 11, 2009

I just got back from seeing the movie and i’m a long time Trekkie fan, and i was very very pleased in what i saw , fantastic story . And i’m sure Kligons will be in the next movie, it’s very likely. At least we got to see Birds of Prey for a short while.

Cliven - June 17, 2009

Actually the ships in the Kobayshi Maru test were referred to them as warbirds, which was canonically very wrong. Prior to “The Enterprise Incident”, the Feds had no knowledge of Klingon/Romulan technological exchange. The movies, and subsequent fan paradigms, have forgotten that “the “bird of prey” image is 100% Romulan, NOT Klingon, and that Klingon ships were simply called “battle cruisers” in TOS. ST III introduced the “Klingon” BoP because the baddies were originally supposed to be Romulan, but they kept the ship when the villains were switched to Klingons. That the ship looked Klingon was easily explained by the Rom adopting Klingon designs (which they did in ToS since their own ships were technically inferior) but tossing a cloak on it.

20. regarder Lucy - August 27, 2014

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